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Casting Industry In China Must Have A Numerical Control Rebuilding
Feb 24, 2017

At present, the Chinese Government, enterprises and society on a substantial increase in technology innovation, completely changed the long-standing shortage of investment in science and technology, brain drain, poor infrastructure, lack of demand, the weak situation of the creative atmosphere. At present, China is in industrialization, informationalization and urbanization, marketization and internationalization of an important period of development, economic and social structure of significant transformation. Foundry upgrade introduces the high tech is an important way for the development of the integration.

Die industry in China to produce low-end products, this product structure of China's mold industry, economic operating mode transition in Chinese mold industry is very negative. Therefore, from the perspective of mould industry in promoting China's economic transition, have to promote China's mold industry product upgrades. Product upgrades to new product development, the use of new technology as the Guide, so to promote China's mould industry product upgrade as advance China's mold industry standpoint of economic operation mode changes, to increase China's mould industry in new product, new technology research and development efforts. Develop new products to replace the old mold, and develop new technology to produce new products, and constantly improve the technological content of products, quality level, so as to promote our products to upgrade.

Is inseparable from the development of any technology, if there is no development, the world would stagnate, castings for machine tool industry as well. Today, the development of numerical control technology, provide a reliable guarantee for the development of machine tool castings industry. In other words, casting machine tool industry development of numerical control technology. Casting businesses to keep pace with the development trend of the times, promote enterprise development, conducted most of the enterprise or the preparatory company CNC. NC has become an irreversible trend in modern machines, NC has many advantages in a hurricane blows through casting industry, casting industry must be NC.