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Casting Molds Hold
Feb 24, 2017

Cast as a whole or in part the force of contraction of the mold is too large, or does not equal the size of the force distribution and unreasonable when casting due to deformation, cracks, breakage of sticking, even casting stick to the mold or casting stick to move top of the mould appears not to come out.

(1) casting total or partial force is greater than the fixed package package for dynamic force, mold die casting stranded there when viscosity.

(2) when drawing, casting parts, fixed force on force uneven cast could result in removal occurs, Crooked, inclined, casting force much of the fixed package is likely to stick to the mould.

(3) if the die temperature is too low, or the die temperature is too high, will make casting shrinkage force is greater than the fixed package package for dynamic force.

(4) mold release agent concentration is too low, bad mould release agents mold release, fixed spray release agent is not in place, the underuse of the release agent, which can affect the release of casting. Die if you die when sprayed too much paint, mould temperature it is difficult to quickly increase cooling shrinkage of castings, on the fixed side of the package size is greater than the dynamic tension increases.