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Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Parts
Sep 22, 2017

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Parts Basic Info

  • Model NO.: DS-MAR-100

  • Casting Method: Thermal Gravity Casting

  • Application: Agricultural Machinery Parts

  • Material: Steel

  • Surface Roughness: Ra6.3

  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001:2008

  • Stainless Steel Casting Parts Colour: Nature

  • Specification: in steel, cas iron, brass, stainless steel etc

  • Type: Clay Wet Sand

  • Sand Core Type: Clay Sand Core

  • Machining: M/C Machining

  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized

  • Stainless Steel Casting Parts Standard: ASTM

  • Weight: 20kgs

  • Stainless Steel Casting Parts Process: Sand Casting

  • Transport Package: Export Packing

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Parts Product Description

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting parts

Reference photo:  steel sand casting parts
Material :Ductile iron
Process: Green sand casting
Weight: 10 Kg

We can supply products with following features:

Material: Alloy steels, Carbon steel, Stainless steels, Grey iron, Ductile iron, Non-ferrous alloys, etc.

Stainless Steel Casting Parts Processes: Investment casting/Lost wax casting (silicon glue, water glass, multilayer), Lost foam casting, Sand casting (resin sand casting, green sand casting), Shell-molding casting, Automatic molding line, etc.
High pressure die casting, Low pressure die casting, Gravity die casting, Centrifugal casting, etc.
Open die forging and close die forging, etc.
Plastic injection, Stamping, Assembling, etc.

Weights: 0.1 Kg 10, 000 Kg
Standard: ANSI, ASTM, DIN, JIS. BS
Inspection: 100 % self-inspection. 3rd party inspection available.

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Parts Certificate: 



Material Grade

     Weight range


Investment casting,
sand casting,
ESR casting
Die casting

Grey iron, Ductile iron
Carbon steel, Alloy steel,
Stainless steel
Nonferrous metal:
Bronze, Brass, Al, Zinc, Ti, etc.

0.01Kg to 100 ton

Auto motive,
agricultural machines,
toolings, mining ,
oi l& gas machinery,
locomotive industry,
engineering machinery,
electrical equipment etc.

Our products manufactured according to standard schedule strictly, with stable quality and timely delivery.
Hope our manufacture and service could benefit you some day in near future!

Custom Stainless Steel Sand Casting Parts Packages:

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