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Factors That Determine The Casting Cost Difference
Feb 24, 2017

Different treatment procedures have different content and difficulty of casting structure, General casting pouring through broken shell, cutting, polishing, shot blasting process can, some castings need to process. Factors that determine the stainless steel processing cost difference: sand removal, correction of deformations and renovation, the cost depends on the structural and technical requirements, the approved price should take into account the cost difference.

1, cleaning: cleaning with a narrow Groove or elongated holes more difficult, requires drilling bitten by sand, acid, sand blasting, or soda blasting can clean up. Requires separate estimate the cost of cleaning of castings.

2, plastic: easy to correct the deformation of casting, plastic deformation of difficulty depending on the structure, castings and customer requirements for dimensions and tolerances on shape and position. Plastic surgery costs should be accounted for separately.

3, renovation: casting process belong to the special process, factors that affect the quality of castings or more. Objectively speaking cast products surface defects are difficult to avoid, or different customers different requirements for different purposes on the surface quality of casting, prior to the receipt of both supply and demand according to the casting characteristics of surface defects and possible acceptance of a reasonable quality standards is very important. If the customer has high surface quality requirements, renovation costs are relatively high. Renovation costs under the influence of casting quality and casting a passing rate of, which need to be taken into account in pricing while the latter depends on the internal quality control. After the renovation costs in dealing with high average cost basis to the appropriate quality level adjust coefficient.