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Gas Turbine Parts Small Size, Easy To Use
Oct 23, 2017

Gas Turbine Parts are widely used in power generation, ship and locomotive power, pipeline pressurization and other energy, defense, transportation, is the relationship between national security and national economic development of High-tech core equipment, is a huge market prospect of High-tech industries. Gas turbine technology is one of the important symbols of national science and technology and industry as a whole, which is regarded as the "crown jewel" in the field of power machinery equipment. Based on the important position of gas turbine in the field of national defense security, energy security and industrial competitiveness, the developed countries attach great importance to the development of Gas Turbine Parts, and the world gas turbine technology and its industry develop rapidly.

The compressor absorbs air from the outside, the air enters from the gas turbine inlet, and the pressure is elevated through the compressor blades, which are compressed into the combustion chamber, while the fuel (gas or liquid fuel) is sprayed into the combustion chamber and mixed with the high-temperature compressed air to burn under constant pressure. The high temperature and high pressure flue gas combustion expands after heating, enters the turbine region passes through the first-level leaf, impels the power vane to rotate at high speed, until from the vent, becomes the exhaust gas, the exhaust gas discharges into the atmosphere or the use (if uses the waste heat boiler carries on the union circulation).

Gas turbine products themselves have the following characteristics:

Maximum efficiency and optimal benefit. With the continuous progress of high-temperature materials, as well as the adoption of cooling blades and continuous improvement of the cooling effect, the initial temperature of the gas before the turbine gradually increased, coupled with the development of the series continuously reduce the compression ratio of more and more high pressure compressors and parts of the efficiency of the improvement, so that the efficiency of the

Small size, easy to use. The design structure of gas turbine powertrain is derived from turbocharger and auxiliary power plant, which is simple and compact. Compared with traditional equipment, the scale and volume of gas turbine equipment is smaller than that of traditional boilers and steam turbines, and it is easy to move.

Reduce coal, clean environment. Gas Turbine Parts can be used to fuel gases, propane, oil well gas, coalbed methane, biogas, petrol, diesel, kerosene, alcohol and other coal. And the gas turbine through the combustion process to control the production of NOx, or in the formation of NOx in the back of the waste heat boiler when the tail flue gas denitration, to achieve ultra-low NOx emission effect, but also to achieve full recycling of resources, truly achieve zero emissions.

Minimum noise, safe and reliable. The low frequency of the gas turbine during operation. Moreover, it can make up for the shortage of other equipments in safety and stability by using the digital remote-control network transform device.

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