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Investment Casting
Feb 24, 2017

Also known as the lost wax casting in investment casting, including wax, wax, group tree trimming, dip pulp liquid metal, wax-melting, casting and post treatment processes. Is made by wax casting lost wax casting parts wax, and then wax coated with mud, this is the clay mold. After the slime mold to dry, then firing into Tao Mo. Upon roasting, melting wax all lost, leaving Tao Mo. General clay when leaving the sprue, from pouring into the molten metal, cooling, made of parts required.

Lost wax method in China originated in the spring and Autumn period at the latest. In Xichuan, Henan down temple 2nd Chu ban of copper excavated from the tombs of the spring and Autumn period is by far the earliest known lost wax method of casting. Ban this copper edges and sides decorated carved cloud pattern, surrounded by 12 State Eagles v beast, a total of ten state carve-Padfoot. Openwork patterns complex and varied, beautiful gorgeous and dignified, reflecting the spring and autumn mid-term the lost wax method, has matured. The warring States period, Qin and Han dynasties and the lost wax method is more popular, especially during the Sui and Tang to the Ming and Qing dynasties, casting bronze using the lost wax method.