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Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade
Sep 13, 2017

Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:i15120901

  • Material Capabilities:Titanium, Superalloys, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

  • Color:Silver Gray, Many Colors and Customized

  • Weight:0.5-5kg

  • Surface Finishing:Sandblasting, Polishing, Smooth, Coloring, Anodizatio

  • Application:Automobiles, Aerospace, Marine, Motor Accessories, B

  • Equipments:High-Tech Investment Casting and CNC Milling Mach

  • Manufacturing Process:Investment Casting, Die Casting, Sand Casting, etc

  • Superalloy Casting Parts Quality Control:100% Inspected /Ts16949 System

Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade Product Description

Item Name

Investment casting titanium&high temperature  steam turbine blade


titanium,  superalloys, stainless steel,metals, alloys, etc


investment casting&CNC


GR1, GR2, GR5 (TA1, TA2, TC4)




as your drawings


 steam turbine blade, turbine compressor blade, etc

Surface treatment

polishing, sand blasting,coloring, anodization, etc

Other treatment 

HIP,   nitridation,  carburization,etc  


usually 200pcs, first order is negotiable


light weight,high strength, high wear resistence, high corrosion resistence,rust-proof,and so on

Logo print

is acceptable



OEM/ODM service

we are a professional  OEM/ODM factory with rich experience in investment casting of various  metals, alloys, especially titanium , we assure you of our best service at all time.

Our main products

titanium engine parts, auto parts,  titanium impeller, titanium turbine, titanium pump parts, titanium valve parts and other titanium investment casting products.

Our star materials: 
titanium alloy:light weight,corrosion resistance,high strength,high wear resistance,high temperature resistance,rust-proof and so on
superalloys: high fatigue resistence, high wear resistence, high radiation resistance  and oxidation resistance.

We can reached standards and services

1.HRC: 40-41
2. casting accuracy: ZT6

1. Light weight and hard surface!
Titanium's relative weight, at minimum, is 40% lighter than Stainless Steel. As mentioned above, Titanium has the highest strength/weight ratio of any metal.
2. Eco-friendly!
Titanium is no harm to the human body. Using titanium products can make you feel ease, relax your muscle and improve your  motor function.
3.Strong and firm!
Titanium is approximately 40% stronger than Stainless Steel, depending on the relative grades of the two metals. In fact, Titanium has the highest strength/weight ratio of any metal.
4.Corrosion resistance,rustproof,  it saves your money!
Since Titanium will never corrode, you won't be spending your hard earned money for replacement parts that have been destroyed by rust and corrosion. Titanium: "You deserve own it."
We believe people should have access to affordable titanium products. Humanity needs to move away from a disposable culture and embrace sustainability. Titanium is the embodiment of sustainability because it is corrosion free and bio-compatible with all living things.
Why us?
Superalloy Casting Parts advantages:
1.We are a factory not a trading company that our cost is lower and
the efficiency is higher by  reducing intermediate link.
2. We have  patented technologies of various titanium alloys forming , which ranking one of the  top level in domestic and international technologies.

Our products

Titanium and titanium alloy casting, nickel and cobalt base superalloy, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high-alloy steel, iron casting, copper and aluminum alloys.

Main Products and technology

investment precision casting, sand mold casting, Metal type and centrifugal casting, all kinds of titanium and rare metal(e.g. Niobium, tantalum,molybdenum, tungsten,
nickle,cobalt etc) bar, plate, wire, welding material.

Titanium Grade
GR1, GR2, GR5 (TA1, TA2, TC4)
ApplicationAutomotive, aerospace, medical, petroleum, sports, life and integrated application.

Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade Quotation
1. Raw drawing of your products.
2. Machined/finished drawing of your products.
3.Material Specification.
4.Testing&Inspection requirements.
5.Quantity or year quantity/batch.
If the above information is provided than we can provide quotation for you within 48 hours.
Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade Packing&shipping

Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade Packaging details:  wooden box or cartons, custom packing way is ok
Shipping details:  30-40 days after order confirmed
Why it takes about 30-40 days to produce?
Firstly, we should check your drawings  many times to ensure the accuracy.
Secondly, the critical step-- mould-making takes about two weeks to ensure it totaly match your drawings.
Thirdly, the wax pattern  takes about one week to make sure it strictly  conformance to the mould.
Forthly, the shell making and  the after steps are takes about three weeks, in the shell making processing, we should  cooling and roasting over and over again to ensure the high strength of it.
Finally, it takes several days to make the quality inspection and some final treatment.
In a word, all of the steps are key to the products, we make sure to keep the high quality of your items.

Superalloy Casting Parts Processing Flow

Waxing----combination---shell making----dewaxing---casting---cutting---sandblasting----heat treatment----quality inspection

Investment Casting Titanium&High Temperature Steam Turbine Blade.bmp