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Method Of Preventing Cracking Of Castings
Feb 24, 2017

In the process of casting, located within the casting or cracks near the outer edge of the gate, resulting in castings reject rate increases, seriously affecting the casting quality and economic efficiency of enterprises. So, how should it be prevent cracking of stainless steel?

1, cold iron.

In the crack-prone local hot spot (such as ontology is used with flange) placing cold iron, accelerate the solidification rate and weakening intensity of Directional solidification, small range of solidification, thermal cracking and shrinkage, and contribute to. Noteworthy are: chills are grain, increase local high-temperature strength of castings, casting the casting used in the production of three-way valves, whole local formation of solidification principle to solidification principle to prevent the generation of thermal cracking and shrinkage.

2, fast casting.

Fast pouring, filling time is short, the steel is less heat, more uniform temperature, help to reduce thermal stress, while inclusions and gases is also easy to flotate up. In the production of stainless steel castings, should take the following process:

(1) using large orifice design cross-sectional area of each element to ensure the entire casting process flow, low speed, smooth and clean filling;

(2) 2 ladle casting low flow full and the pouring cup liquid height (h) and sprue diameter (d) maintain a certain ratio (that is, h>6D) to prevent slag and gases into the cavity;

(3) to prevent the gas into liquid steel or chock when pouring, to box bar on a sufficient number of vents, cavity gas flow, the total vent area should be much larger than the cross-sectional area of the sprue.