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Modelling Material Properties Of Castings Quality
Feb 24, 2017

Modelling material properties not only guarantees stainless steel casting precision, but also ensure high surface finish, high strength, light weight of investment, it should also create conditions for shell manufacturing and a good cast. Die material for general use waxes, natural resins and plastics (synthetic resin) preparation. Mainly prepared with wax pattern material called wax pattern materials, their low melting point, to 60~700C where mainly used natural resin material called resin-based material, melting point slightly higher, at about 70~1200C.

1, the material has not been made. Composed material of various raw materials preparation is to mix into a smooth one and the material meets the pressing investment requirements. Preparation method is mainly used when heating melt of raw materials mixed together, then cools case, vigorous stirring of pattern materials, making the material a paste used for pressing-mode. Sometimes material melted into liquid direct investment casting.

2, material recycling. When using resin-based material, due to the high requirements on the quality of the investment, most new materials for preparing mould materials, mould of stainless steel casting. After ejection, recycled material, remelting of filters used for gating and risering system investment. When you use a wax pattern material, after ejection from the mold the material can be recycled and used to make new investment. But when recycling, material properties will go bad, brittleness, ash content increased, reduced liquidity and increased shrinkage, color from white to Brown, these are mainly related with the material of stearic acid modified. Therefore, in order to restore the original properties of old material, it is necessary to remove the SOAP from the old material salt, commonly used methods are hydrochloric acid (sulfuric acid) treatment, active white soil treatment and recovery of electrolytic method.