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Nickel Base Alloy Investment Casting for Outboard Motor Nozzle Guide Vanes
May 09, 2017

Turbojet Engine Parts Product Detail

Turbojet Engine Parts Basic Info
  • Certification:ISO9001

  • Trademark:YiLi

  • Specification:ISO9001-2008

  • Origin:Weifang City Shandong Province China

  • HS Code:8406919990

Turbojet Engine Parts Product Description
Nozzle Guide Vanes for Aircraft Turbojet Engine Parts
What is our mainly business?
Products and service:
Series 1: Car and truck turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, turbine
Rotor, turbine wheel shaft, diffuser, turbine housing, compressor housing, etc.
Series 2: Marine and locomotive turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, diffuser, turbine blade, turbine housing, compressor housing, seal ring carrier\bearing support, etc.
Series 3: Aviation turbojet engine spare parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle guide vanes, turbine blade, diffuser, intake casing, casing outer ring, inlet casing, jet nozzle, etc.
Series 4: Gas turbine, steam turbine parts
Turbine wheel, guide vane, compressor wheel, gas and steam turbine blade, etc.
Series 5: Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor parts
Pump impeller, close impeller, blower impeller, compressor impeller, water pump impeller, turbine blade, turbine impeller, Guide vane, etc.
A-1: Casting method:
At present, the precision casting process we adopt include: Vacuum casting, lost wax investment casting and low pressure casting, the vacuum casting products' advantage is the most outstanding in our company.
(1) Vacuum casting can help the excluding of gas in the mould and inhibit the turbulence and the volume of gas. It can overcome the disadvantages of the traditional casting, and make the filling ability of the metal liquid improve significantly.
(2) Because of the improvement of filling ability while vacuum casting, the metal liquid's casting temperature can be lower than the traditional casting about 20~30 degree.
(3) Possibility of casting parts with big difference on the wall thickness, thin-walled parts and parts with high quality and complicated shapes.
B: 5-Axis Machining
Our company introduced Japanese Sanchi MAZAK five-axis linkage CNC machining center VARIAXIS I-700. The machine is widely used in blade, impeller, mould industry and other various types of mechanical processing industry of complex curved surface parts processing, it can meet many kinds of processing needs of the medium and small box body parts and space curved surface parts.
C: Casting Machining
We have ordinary lathe, CNC Lathe and Wire-electrode cutting machine, so we can the castings machining.

Why Choose us as your cooperation partner?
A: Pass ISO9001-2008 Certification
B: Enough produce capacity and promise delivery time
C: Better quality wax, silica sol, Zircon power and Mullite Sand. All of this keep the shell we get with good quality.

Nickel Base Alloy Investment Casting for Outboard Motor Nozzle Guide Vanes