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Nozzle Ring Economical, Reliable, And Better
Oct 09, 2017

The supercharger provides pressurized gas to the diesel engine, allowing the fuel medium to burn more fully, maximizing diesel power. So the supercharger for diesel engine work is an important auxiliary equipment to ensure its normal work is necessary. However,Nozzle Ring the supercharger is a precision, high speed equipment, the probability of damage is higher. In order to maximize the prevention of damage in the daily work of the supercharger, timely and accurate judgment of the reasons for the damage of the supercharger, take correct measures to eliminate the fault, list the common damage to the supercharger, analyze the cause of the damage and the ex post facto management approach, , Especially for the first time managers are necessary! Supercharger shell damage occurs in the supercharger exhaust end. Because the exhaust end temperature is high, the exhaust end contains a large amount of sulfur corrosion of the shell, it is likely to cause the exhaust end shell corrosion breakdown, so that the supercharger cooling chamber can not work properly,Nozzle Ring resulting in supercharger can not work. Damage to the shell is not a general range, then you can use iron cement for repair. The repair method is economical, reliable and effective. Under normal circumstances, after the repair of iron cement for about six months. In this case, it is not necessary to replace the supercharger housing because the cost of replacing the supercharger housing is high and the amount of work is large, especially during the operation of the vessel. If you have to replace the shell, to order second-hand spare parts, choose the right time to replace. Daily management in the maintenance of the shell when the routine inspection and make a record in order to timely detection of corrosion damage, take repair measures to avoid damage to increase the difficulty of repair and caused by surprise.

The nozzle ring is generally damaged by the nozzle ring. Most of the causes of deformation are caused by foreign objects. Foreign matter from the host of the exhaust valve and the piston to the debris and the system bolts and gasket, through the supercharger before the grille hit the nozzle ring. After the nozzle ring is damaged, the supercharger will surge and shake, the general maintenance are special attention to check the other parts of the supercharger and host conditions, ignore the inspection of the nozzle ring. When the supercharger occurs and the vibration is mixed, the nozzle ring should be checked to see if the nozzle ring is deformed. Once you confirm the deformation of the nozzle ring, contact the professional manufacturer to dismantle the land shop by a professional repair. Routine management should always check the situation and timely removal of the system in the debris.

 Most of the damage to the blade is due to the impact of foreign matter in the system. These are from the system of piston, exhaust valve fragments and systems fall off the bolts and gasket, through the grille and nozzle ring into the supercharger to break the exhaust end of the blade. Another reason for the damage is that the impurities in the exhaust gas flush the leaves for a long period of time,Nozzle Ring causing damage to the top of the blade, making the top of the blade into an irregular shape, and the blade height decreasing. Supercharger exhaust end blade damage can easily lead to turbocharger imbalance, surge, reduce the efficiency of the supercharger, waste end leaves to replace the leaves to replace the leaves. Damage to the top of the blade to do the restoration of repair, the top of the blade damage is generally not be noted, but the blade height reduced too much,Nozzle Ring will seriously affect the efficiency of the supercharger, must be repaired. Routine management, to regularly check whether the system is clean. The blade height was measured and compared with the standard blade height. It is also necessary to ensure clean air in the cabin.