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Nta855 Diesel Engine Part Turbocharge for Car
Nov 30, 2017

Nta855 Diesel Engine Part Turbocharge for Car Basic Info

  • Model NO.: NTA855

  • Body Material: Alloy

  • Electric Turbocharger Type: Centrifugal

  • ETS Type: Runoff

  • Gas Turbine Parts Origin: China

  • Type: ETS Exhaust-Gas-Turbo-Super-Charger

  • Certification: TS16949, ISO9001

  • Gas Turbine Parts ETS Component: Turbine

  • Application: Volkswagen

  • Gas Turbine Parts Product Type: St50

  • Specification: ISO CB

  • HS Code: 84099999

Nta855 Diesel Engine Part Turbocharge for Car Product Description

Product name: NTA855 Turbocharger for diesel engine
A turbocharger, or turbo (colloquialism), from Greek , (also from Latin "turbo" ("spinning top"), is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an engine's efficiency and power by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.
Nta855 Diesel Engine Part Turbocharge for Car Product Description

Part Name
Part NumberEngine typeModel
TurbochargerT46for CUMMINSNT855
TurbochargerST50for CUMMINSNTA855
TurbochargerHC5Afor CUMMINSKT19
Turbocharger3524034for CUMMINS6CT
Turbocharger3528872for CUMMINS6CT
Turbocharger3531456for CUMMINS6BT
Turbocharger3802307for CUMMINS6CT
Turbocharger3802289for CUMMINS6CT
Turbocharger3802348for CUMMINS6BT
Turbocharger3802345for CUMMINS6CT(176KW/240HP)
Turbocharger3802290for CUMMINS4BT(76KW/103HP)
Turbocharger3533972for CUMMINS6CT(176KW/240HP)
Turbocharger3802909for CUMMINS6CT(191KW/260HP)
Turbocharger3919153for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3960408for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3960479for CUMMINS6BTAA(154KW/210HP)
Turbocharger3960454for CUMMINS6BTA(134KW/180HP)
Turbocharger3919151for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3919153for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3960408for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3960413for CUMMINS6BT(117KW/160HP)
Turbocharger3960478for CUMMINS6BTAA(154KW/210HP)
Turbocharger3960454for CUMMINS6BTA(134KW/180HP)
Turbocharger3522778for CUMMINS6BTA(134KW/181HP)
Turbocharger3919119for CUMMINS6BTA(134KW/182HP)
Turbocharger3919121for CUMMINS6BTA(134KW/183HP)
for DEUTZBF6L913
Turbocharger99449169for IVECOSOFiM 8140.43
Turbocharger99449170for IVECOSOFIM 8140.23
Turbocharger99431083for IVECOSOFIM 8140.27
Turbocharger97431084for IVECOSOFIM 8140.47
TurbochargerT74801019for PERKINS
TurbochargerT2674A082for PERKINS

Nta855 Diesel Engine Part Turbocharge for Car Main Products
1) B/C/L/N/M/K/ IsDe/IsMe/IsFe series engine for vehicle
2) B/C/L/N/M/K series engine for engineering machinery
3) B/C/L/N/M/K series engine for genset
4) B/C/L/N/K series engine for marine
5) Lovol 1004,1006 series engine, Lovol Phaser series engine
6) Naveco Sofim 8140 series engine, F1C engine
7) Beinei 912,913 series engine, 413,513 series engine, 1013,1015 ,2012 series engine
8) Foton 4JB1series engine
9) for MESSAYFERGUSON tractor parts
10) Diesel engine parts for Lovol, Naveco and others
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