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Precision Machining Parts Processing Quality And Accuracy Are Getting Higher And Higher
Nov 01, 2017

Do you know what is precision machining parts? According to the literal meaning: is very sophisticated mechanical processing. Machining of precision machinery parts is a kind of machining, but it is precision machining. With the development of industry and the constant change of demand, tight machining has changed a lot, its classification is more and more, its direction is more To the more detailed, more and more professional direction, with the development of science and technology of its technology has also been improved, the quality and accuracy of processing is also getting higher and higher. Technology and economic development feel the direction of close mechanical development.

Since the emergence of machinery, there will be a corresponding mechanical parts. But as a discipline, mechanical parts are separated from mechanical tectonics and mechanics. With the development of machinery industry, new design theory and methods, new materials, the emergence of new technology, mechanical parts into a new stage of development. Finite element method, fracture mechanics, elastic fluid dynamic lubrication, optimization design, reliability design, computer aided design (CAD), solid modeling (Pro, Ug, Solidworks, etc.), system analysis and design methodology Used for mechanical parts research and design. To achieve a combination of a variety of disciplines to achieve a combination of macro and micro, to explore new principles and structures, more use of dynamic design and precise design, more efficient use of electronic computers, and further development of design theory and methods, this is An important trend in the development of a discipline.

So the future of precision machinery more and more integrated, it is no longer a simple mechanical processing, and it combines with high-tech, but more play its role, especially the digital processing of its development has produced a qualitative leap. After which it will become an important science to serve the industrial development.