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Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV
Jul 21, 2017

Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:customized

  • Casting Method:Vacuum Aspirated Casting

  • Process:Lost Wax Casting

  • Molding Technics:Gravity Casting

  • Application:RC Jet Engine

  • Material:Superalloy/Stainless Steel

  • Surface Preparation:Sand Blast

  • Surface Roughness:Ra1.6

  • Machining Tolerance:+/-0.01mm

  • Certification:ISO 9001:2008

  • Product Name:Nozzle Guide Vane

  • Model Number:Customized

  • Size:as Per Customers‚Ä≤ Demand

  • Brand Name:Yili Casting

  • OEM Service:Available

  • Casting Process:Precision Casting

  • Usage:RC Jet Engine

  • Maching Process:Five-Axis CNC Machining

  • Surface Finished:Ra1.6-3.2

  • Place of Origin:Weifang,Shandong

  • Trademark:YiLi Casting

  • Specification:ISO9001: 2008

  • Origin:Weifang, Shandong

Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV Product Description

Product Name: Nozzle Guide Vane
Model Number:Customized
Size:As per customers' demand
Material:Superalloy/Stainless Steel
Machining process:lost wax investment casting
OEM Service:Available
Usage:Airplane turbojet engine
Brand Name:YiLi Casting
Place of Origin:Weifang,Shandong
Casting Method:Pure silica sol processing

Advantage on blades produce:
1.Many years produce experience on gas turbine and aviation blade
2.OEM, finish customer's drawing or sample finish produce ,for the customer information strictly confidential.
3.Full sets of NDT and DT inspection machine in my factory ,every pieces be careful testing before delivery
4.Expect casting produce , we also can finish machining , HIP , PT-aluminide coating and abrasive coating ect, processing requirements.
5.The material now we use Nickel-based alloy ,Iron-based alloy ,Cobalt-base alloys, Stainless steel.
At present, the precision casting process we adopt include: vacuum casting, lost wax investment casting and low pressure casting, the vacuum casting products' advantage is the most outstanding in our company.
(1) Vacuum casting can help the excluding of gas in the mould and inhibit the turbulence and the volume of gas. It can overcome the disadvantages of the traditional casting, and make the filling ability of the metal liquid improve significantly.
(2) Because of the improvement of filling ability while vacuum casting, the metalliquid's casting temperature can be lower than the traditional casting about 20~30 degree.
(3) Possibility of casting parts with big difference on the wall thickness, thin-walled parts and parts with high quality and complicated shapes.
  gas locomotive aircraft turbine wheel investment casting
We adhere the 5s production and management concept, constantly improving our products' quality, in order to provide the best quality products and most considerate service to our customers; we satisfy our customers with the most competitive price and the most timely producing time. Because we are dedicated, we are more professional!

Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV Raw Material

1.Nickel base alloy (Inconel738LC,Inconel713c,Inconel618,HastelloyS,HastelloyX,Inconel703,Inconel600,ect,)
2.Iron base alloy (K213/HU/HW
3. Cobalt base alloy
4. Tungsten base alloy
5.Stainless steel (201,202,301,303,304,304H,304L,305,309S,316,316Ti,317,317L,316N ect,)
6.Aluminum alloy (C355/ZL102/A380A)

Our Service

OEM Service Available 

We can produce all kinds of investment castings, vacuum castings, turbine rotor, turbocharger, turbojet engine parts ,stainless steel casting,Carbon steel casting,etc. Maybe your demands of products is different from other clients, please don't worry, we can produce the product according to your drawings or samples. 
Testing service

TestMachine Name
Material's chemical component analysisGermanic Spectrograph
Tensile strength testRoom temperature tensile test machine
High temperature tensile test machine
Yield strength testCreep test machine
Surface defect testFluorescent penetrant test machine (FPT)
Inner defect testAutomatic X-ray inspection
Hardness testBrienll hardenss tester
Rockwell hardness tester
Dimension measurementThree coordinate measurement
Three dimensional (3D) scanner
Grain size testMetallographical detector

Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV Testing Machine(Quality Assurance):
To guarantee our products' quality, we made strict quality control and quality assurance standards, closely monitoring every key procedure of production process.
By the end of 2013, we have 22 seasoned employees as our professional quality control team. This quality control team is responsible for implementing quality control measures,
monitoring the whole production process, identifying and preventing those products which having any possible defects.
We can provide the testing report according your need by ourself. All these tests can gurantee that our customer can get high quality parts with high precision.

Precision Casting Nozzle Guide Vane for RC Jet Engine NGV Application: 

Series 1: Car and truck turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, turbine
rotor, turbine wheel shaft, diffuser, turbine housing, compressor housing,  garrett turbo shaft and wheel etc.

Series 2: Marine and locomotive turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, diffuser, turbine blade, turbine housing, compressor housing, seal ring carrier,bearing support, engine diesel parts/truck diesel engine parts etc.

Series 3: Aviation turbojet engine spare parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle guide vanes, turbine blade, diffuser, intake casing, casing outer ring, inlet casing, jet nozzle,  Parts of aviation engine etc.

Series 4: Gas turbine, steam turbine parts
Turbine wheel, guide vane, compressor wheel, gas and steam turbine blade, etc.

Series 5: Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor parts
Pump impeller, close impeller, blower impeller, compressor impeller, water pump impeller, turbine blade, turbine impeller, Guide vane, etc.

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