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Jul 12, 2017

Roller-Construction-and-Mining-Machinery-Parts Basic Info

  • Molding Style: Forging

  • Application: Machinery Parts

  • Heat Treatment: Quenching

  • Forging Tolerance: +/-0.5mm

  • Certification: SGS

  • Trade Methods: FOB

  • No. of Employess: 120

  • Specification: SGS

  • HS Code: 84314990

  • Processing Object: Metal

  • Molding Technics: Gravity Casting

  • Material: Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Passivation

  • Standard: AISI

  • Certificate: ISO9001 Ts16949

  • Delivery Time: 30 Days

  • Payments Methods: L/C, T/T

  • Origin: China

Roller-Construction-and-Mining-Machinery-Parts Product Description

Product Name:

Nuclear-Power-Plant-Parts Medium-Voltage-Inlet-Air-Pipe-for-Steam-Turbine Flange-Plate Dummy-Shaft-Steam-Turbine-Parts-and-Assessories Construction-and-Mining-Machinery-Parts-Shaft Bearing-Seat-for-Wind-Turbine Chain-Wheel-Steel-Mill-Equipment-and-Parts

Open Die Forging
Closed Die Forging
Rolled Rings
Hand Forging
Upset Forging

Benefits of the Open Die Forgings
Develops High Strength
Has a Long Service Life
Decreases Porosity
Aligns Grain Flow
Achieves Fine Grain Structure
Improves Mechanical Properties
Can Forge Extremely Large Products

Custom forged crankshafts

Stainless steel forgings
Forged steel shafts
Forged blocks
Forged rectangles and flats
Forged rounds, discs and sleeves

Open Die forging
Closed Die forging
Steel forging part
Heavy forging
Hot forging- Hot forged
Drop forging- Drop forged
Alloy Steel Forging-Forged
Carbon Steel Forging-Forged
Stainless Steel Forging-Forged
Forging Flange-Forged Flange
Forging Ring-Forged Rings
Forging Shaft- Forged Shaft
Forging Bushing- Forged Bushing
Forging Roller- Forged Roller
Forging Cylinder- Forged Cylinder
Forging wheel-Forged wheel
Forging Valve-Forged Valves
Forging Gear- Forged Gear
Forging Tube Sheet-Forged Tube Sheet
Precision forging
Forging Conveyor Chain

Australia Forging Cylinder/ Forged Cylinder; America, U. S. A. United States Forging Cylinder/ Forged Cylinder; Canada Forging Cylinder/ forged cylinder; U. K. England, Britain Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Germany Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; France Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Italy Forging cylinder/ Forged cylinder; Spain Espana Forging cylinder/ Forged cylinder; Holand Forging cylinder/ Forged cylinder; South Africa Forging cylinder/ Forged cylinder; Danmark Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Sweden Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Finland forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Belgium forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Rumania Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Russia Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Brazil forging cylinder/ forged cylinder; Argentina forging cylinder/ forged cylinder
18. Supplier: China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder factory; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder company; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder Co., Ltd; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder inc; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder corporation; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder Manufacturer; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder supplier; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder part; China Ningbo Forging cylinder/ forged cylinder

Heat Treating
Rough Machining
Prices Quoted
Testing &

Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Nickel Alloys
Stainless Steel
Tool Steel

They are using for Drilling rig, Agricultural machinery parts, Auto parts, Rail wagon parts, Train part, truck part, Trailer, Carriage part, Excavator part, Vessel part, Mining part, Valves, convey machinery part, forklift part, Backhoe loader, Crane part, Derricks part, Transportation Equipment part, Ground engage Tooling, CNC center, Machining centers, Hook lift trailer, Rock breaker, Road construction Equipment part, Compactor, Grader blade part pipe connection and others.

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