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Shell Manufacturing
Feb 24, 2017

Investment casting mould can be divided into entity types and multilayer shell two

Module dip coated with refractory coating, the sprinkle-like refractory material, and then by drying, hardening, so repeatedly, until the fire-resistant coating layer of desired thickness, forming a multilayer shell on this module, usually close to dock it for some time, make it fully hardened, and then melt loss module, we get the multilayer shell.

Multilayer shell needs packing sand; you do not need to, after the roast immediately after casting.

When melting loss of investment, shell will be under pressure from the growing volume of molten material; in baking and pouring, various parts of the shell will be competing without expansion contraction, so the metal materials in high temperature chemical reaction may shells. So the shell has a certain performance requirements, such as minor swelling and shrinkage, high mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, refractoriness and high temperature chemical stability; shell should have a certain degree of breathability, so that when you pour gas inside the shell can be smoothly to escape. These are manufactured and used shell refractory materials, adhesives and process-related.