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Stainless Steel Casting Parts Improve The Yield Of Castings
Nov 01, 2017

In the casting industry of Stainless Steel Casting Parts, sand and trachoma are often encountered in the production of the problem, why is there such a problem?

In addition to improper sand, if the equipment used before there is not completely clean, or in the casting process of stainless steel casting, due to the pouring of the temperature is too high, molten iron scouring the wall of the sand, there will be sand and The problem of trachoma. At first, due to the requirements of this area is not strict, does not affect the use, so all manufacturers do not pay attention to such a problem, some manufacturers in order to alleviate this problem, 

usually is to use paint to solve, but because of this process More difficult, so it will lead to casting out of the castings ill exist sand and trachoma phenomenon, greatly reducing the quality of the casting.In order to solve the castings appear sand and trachoma problem? After continuous research found that as long as the use of special casting paint for the protection of the inner wall, you can greatly reduce the sand and trachoma problems, but also to improve the yield of castings also have a great effect.

Stainless Steel Casting Parts in the long-term use, by the external environment, Diaoqi is a normal phenomenon, this time we have to paint.

1, first of all we should be prepared to repair the tools used: sandpaper, brush, paint or paint barrels, choose paint when you should try to choose anti-rust paint or polyester-type finish, but also to ensure that the stainless steel casting brush The number of times in more than twice. Need to rust the location of the rust spot with sandpaper polished clean.

2, the use of paint for the first time when the paint should be painted evenly, until the paint dry after a second painting, the second time should be used when brushing polyurethane paint, brushing time should be Try to ensure that the surface is smooth.

3, if the aging of Stainless Steel Casting Parts is more serious, should try to consider the replacement of new

Carbon content is too high will cause alloy steel casting into a bad product, resulting in waste of resources, many people do not understand the reasons, we only understand the causes of it in order to take measures to avoid it, then let us introduce the alloy Steel casting reasons for high carbon content:01 alloy steel casting casting conditions set unreasonable: such as pouring filling process is too long, resulting in pouring process pouring molten steel temperature is low, especially for the casting wall thickness increased position, pouring molten steel solidification speed is slow, resulting in Liquid-solid-residence time is longer, which contributes to the increase of the time of the molten steel and the thermal decomposition products, and increases the carburization and carbon deposition of the steel.

02 Production of alloy steel castings Carbon content in smelting ingredients is not strictly controlled, in particular the 

carbon content in various scraps and the presence of other alloying materials in various scraps.

03 alloy steel casting system is irrational set: In particular, the vacuum system and casting sand or cast casting process configuration unreasonable, resulting in casting in the casting process, pouring sand box within the vacuum, the deviation is too large , Or the actual vacuum is insufficient, and the vacuum pressure gauge is consistent with the technical parameters to meet the wrong value, so that the thermal decomposition products can not quickly and quickly discharged into the 

casting cavity, resulting in carburizing or carbon deposition.