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Stainless Steel Patches And Corrections
Feb 24, 2017

1 available polished clear of any defects, but polished sizes, the casting dimensional tolerance requirements.

2, mechanical deformation of casting is allowed to correct, correction of all check for cracks.

3, unless otherwise specified, castings available welding method of repair.

4 injury, when using tungsten argon arc welding, welding with welding area, maximum depth should be in order. Note: 1) welding area refers to the area after expansion; 2) welding area is less than the number of welding without weld 2cm2.

5, three times of welding with the same welding edge spacing (including negative zone) shall not be less than the sum of two adjacent zone diameter.

6, where the casting of heat supply, according to the original state after welding for heat treatment, mechanical performance inspection of heat treatment of castings. When the welding area is less than 2cm2, welding area space of not less than 100 mm, are subject to heat treatment. But in a stainless steel castings, not more than five.

7, there shall be no crack in welding area, layered, incompletely, permitted in any zone has the largest diameter of not more than 2 mm and wall thickness of no more than 1/3 the pores or inclusions of three margins of not less than 10 mm. Dispersed pores or inclusions of diameter less than 0.5 mm not included.

8, working in a corrosive atmosphere or castings, welding welding is not allowed in injury time.

9, except as otherwise provided, allowing for compact stainless steel casting infiltration of fill is required to handle.