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Turbine Wheel Maintenance Is Important
Oct 09, 2017

I believe there are many owners are tangle such a problem, with a model, I should choose a good turbo or natural breathing good, online has been circulating turbo models of various drawbacks, what burn oil, maintenance trouble, post-maintenance High cost, the Turbine Wheel every ten thousand kilometers to run to replace these claims, in fact, not the case.

Turbo life

The current turbo technology has been very mature, and the basic life of the same engine, the need to replace the Turbine Wheel assembly owners are mostly due to improper maintenance, the general Turbine Wheel failure is bearing wear and oil seal damage, turbo models are burning oil

Not all turbocharged are burned! It is not all the natural suction engine will not burn the oil! This is related to the design of the engine, the use of turbocharged have to increase the number of gasoline?

Part of the naturally aspirated engine is also more than 95 marked gasoline, most of the turbocharged models plus 92 gasoline is no problem, add any marked gasoline have to see the instructions on the fuel tank cover

The advantages of turbocharging.

More powerful, better fuel economy, for some of the power of the pursuit of friends, is indeed a very good choice, the turbo of the maintenance of expensive where?

Turbocharged models need to use the higher label of the oil, and turbocharged engine for lubricants demanding, generally recommended the use of synthetic oil,Turbine Wheel the most have to use synthetic oil,Is the turbocharger the same as the naturally aspirated maintenance method?

In fact, maintenance methods are almost the same,Turbine Wheel the general maintenance are to replace the oil, oil cell, check the various parts of the work conditions,

For turbocharged, the major users of their mixed, in fact, do not have to worry too much, better power, better fuel economy is the reason for choice,Turbine Wheel consumers are not too tangled, choose their favorite Well, how to choose how to choose, do not be online some of the impact of the error message.