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Turbocharger Parts Work Very Simple High-speed Rotation
Nov 01, 2017

Turbocharger parts failure will reduce the turbocharger booster efficiency, so that increased exhaust, the output power is reduced. Such as bearing wear or ablation failure will produce friction, so that the rotor assembly speed slowed down. At the same time, the bearing damage will also make the turbocharger rotor assembly of the blade friction chassis, resulting in reduced rotor speed.

Turbocharger Parts gas bypass valve failure or the valve calibration is not correct, will lead to supercharging pressure is too high or too low. In particular, the supercharging pressure is too low will cause excessive smoke and power reduction; supercharging pressure is too high will cause oil leakage, and even damage the engine.

Turbocharger booster pressure drop, booster ratio decreased, indicating that the cylinder into the inflatable volume reduction, resulting in diesel engine power down, fuel consumption and exhaust temperature will increase.

Resulting in turbocharger boost pressure drop, booster ratio is reduced because:

(1) air filter filter dirty, dust and more clogging, so that the intake resistance increases, boost pressure drop.

(2) the airway inside the compressor airtight adhesion, the intercooler internal airway is also attached to the grease, so that the air flow resistance increases, the compressor pressure drop, the efficiency is reduced.

(3) compressor shaft seal damage, air leakage, pressure drop.

(4) turbine rotor parts due to diesel engine combustion, severe carbon deposition and floating bearing damage and other reasons to increase the turbine rotation resistance, turbine speed decreased, resulting in increased pressure drop.

(5) exhaust pipe muffler block, poor exhaust, so that the turbine exhaust back pressure is too high, will lead to lower pressure pressure.

(6) diesel engine cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat ring and other parts of serious wear and tear, pressurized air into the cylinder after the leakage increases, so that the pressure and pressure reduction compressor pressure.

The principle of turbocharger is very simple process is very complex

As the exhaust gas with the energy is still large, do not have to waste. Therefore, engineers think of the use of exhaust gas kinetic energy, like the use of water hydropower station impact, the use of exhaust gas to promote the supercharger to produce pressurized effect, hence the name of exhaust turbocharged.

The core of the turbocharger is the turbine and compressor impeller, which is connected by a shaft. Turbocharger work is very simple,Turbocharger parts  high-pressure exhaust shock turbine to its high-speed rotation, but also led the impeller high-speed rotation, the impeller will be able to high-speed compressed air. The speed is very high, and now the speed of the car turbocharged between 12-20 million.

The role of the turbine is to convert the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas into a high-speed rotation of the shaft. The role of the impeller is to compress the air,Turbocharger parts  so the shape of the two is completely different and the direction of movement of the air flow is completely inconsistent. As the turbine is subject to the engine high temperature and high pressure of the exhaust, so the material requirements are extremely high.

Advantages of turbochargers

The power of the turbocharger comes from high temperature and high pressure exhaust gas, so it does not consume the engine's own power, which is completely different from the case where the power booster consumes 7% of the power of the engine. In addition, the turbocharger is directly connected to the exhaust pipe, compact structure.

"The greater the pressure,Turbocharger parts  the greater the power" This is a true portrayal of turbocharged. The pressurized values of the mechanical supercharger mentioned above are generally below 0.5 bar (after all data are in bar), and the power of the engine is increased as the speed increases. But the turbocharged completely without such shortcomings, but because of the rise in speed and more power. Because with the engine speed increases, the exhaust pressure will be more and more, the impact of the turbine power is greater, the entire rotor speed will rise rapidly, the pressure impeller can also be high-speed rotation up.